World War 3

First Thoughts

So, the release was horrible. I couldn’t connect for a full day. A few small patches later and I was able to connect to servers on the other side of the planet.

Aside from sliding around a bit because of the ping, the game is fantastic. It feels a little clunky after playing other AAA shooters. Some of the movements are stiff and it seems like a handful of the animations are broken with clipping issues.


There are some sound issues. My own footsteps were so loud, I kept getting the feeling that someone else was there with me. Distant echoes or shouts sound as if they are within a few feet. Weapon noises seemed to sync well with whatever action you are taking. They give the illusion of weight.


The gunplay feels smooth. The weapons feel heavy in your hands. They feel like they’d do damage. Every bullet has weight. Reloading is smooth for the weapons I used. Stopping and lining up a shot is quick. Target acquisition is familiar but will take a little getting used to.

Movement & Level Design

Levels are designed well with A LOT of cover. Buildings and corridors are open allowing for secretive movements from point to point. If you prefer a frontal attack, the streets are littered with debris and concrete blocks. Unlike the level design in a game like Battlefield 4, exiting a building isn’t always a hazardous process. The accessibility of the open buildings allows for dynamic infantry play.

Movement is fluid for the most part. I mentioned a little bit about the movement animations earlier. Some of the vaulting feels broken. Occasionally, while prone, the ground would drop out from beneath me but moving a few feet would fix the issue. This really does feel like it could be a successor to the pre-frostbite Battlefield games.

I was unable to drive a tank or troop transport but when I encountered them, they seemed very strong. I viewed various streams with tanks being driven and am eager to experience that aspect of the game. I will update this review when I am able to do so.

Team Play

It seems like this could be a tactical game. I wouldn’t call it a Military Sim but sits in that sweet spot that Battlefield 2/2142 filled. The team abilities and gear are easy to use. Healing, ammo and various other standard gear filled out the kits. Drones seemed cool.

Points are gained while playing that unlock recon drones artillery strikes and various other advantages. This system seems like it effectively replaces the commander role that I’m sure many players would like to see in games like this. It seems like I might be in the minority on this one but I did like the commander.