The Setup

I am using over sixty mods. If you are using the PC version, it’s important to get to know some mods. Namely Move It!, Traffic Manager: President Edition, and Precision Engineering. Alone, those three add an incredible amount of depth to the game.


  • AMD Ryzen 7 1700
  • 16GB RAM
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 1070
  • WD 500GB SSD

The Plan

I started this city intending to create a lush tourist destination. I wanted to pull in thousands of tourists per month. Way more than I had ever done before. An island map should be nice. I usually build in more temperate locales. It’s nice to see palm trees. My map choice has a large island and several smaller islands off the coast of what appears to be either an island or something larger.

I am thinking futuristic. A lot of round shapes and definitely a monorail. I’ll focus on the public transport early on. It’s easy to do when money is infinite.


How will I get those sweet, sweet tourist dollars to my city? Well, it is an oceanic/tropical themed map. There are a few natural bays around the main island. The only problem is, whoever designed this map placed the water spawns in a way that makes a huge, fast river come pouring in from the edge of the map. I will have to readjust the water levels and move the location of water source.

Using the Transport Line Manager mod, the shipping lanes will need to be adjusted. Split into three or four lines, each will stop at evenly spaced harbors near an area with hotels and shops. This area will expand along the shoreline.


I am going to play with the last expansion’s park tool. I want a large beach on the ocean side of the main island. Next to the beach is the mountain. This will be a nature reserve with hiking paths connecting to the main part of the city on the other side.


Kadena will be powered by wind to start and then as time goes on, that will change to solar. The city’s energy needs will continue to be supplemented by wind. I can already see a few fertile spots that will boost the solar energy output.

The Layout

To start, a large circular highway that will eventually serve central high density districts. I imagined a zoo or some type of larger park within the ring. It’s unconventional. I’m pretty sure it will need some work down the road. Maybe when the population level reaches twenty thousand and then every twenty thousand will be the standard for inspection. I’ll come back to this later.

The actual street network will wrap around the two rings to form arcs. The main streets conform to this shape. Avenues form spokes routing traffic from suburb districts as well as connecting a couple island communities surrounding the main island. The ring shape will taper off into some grid networks but will mostly stay organic.

I decide to copy the ring and plop it down on the opposite side of the main island. This forms two great arcs. Two great modern city centers. Transport hubs will bring tourists by land and will connect to the large monorail network that circles the main island. At some point, a subway will connect certain areas to the main arcs. Perhaps the time will come to build an airport, necessitating a subway expansion.